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QueryString is not encorded

Jun 30, 2015 at 8:32 AM

I use this Grid with my gridFilterForm in Japan.
I input into the form in Japanese ,and click pager ,then the Query String in Request is "~&Remark=�^�N�V�[��&~" instead of "~&Remark=[Encoded Japanese]".
It's not encoded.
Can you fix this?

I saw "gridmvc-ext.js", commented the following code out in "self.loadPage" function,then my Query String is encoded.
var gridQuery = self.getGridUrl(self.loadPagedDataAction, self.gridColumnFilters, null);
var gridUrl = URI(gridQuery).addQuery("page", self.currentPage);
//gridUrl = URI.decode(gridUrl);    ←I commented out
So,Do this code and around it have to fixed.....? I think.